Service Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner in Troy


Servicing A dodge Air conditioner

Servicing your air conditioner in Troy is a cinch, thanks to the Technicians at Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Troy. Our professional staff has the expertise needed to properly service your vehicle’s air conditioner so that you are ready for the heat of the summer season.

The Proper Materials

When your vehicle’s air conditioner is in the hands of our experts, our Technicians can properly diagnose and repair the system to factory specifications. If you try to tackle the issue on your own, you risk causing additional issues which could increase the cost of repair. Even if you’re A/C system is running well we recommend a yearly inspection to prevent any possible issues in the future.

Servicing Procedure

Our Technicians start by measuring the current pressures in the A/C system. When your interior does not feel as chilly as it once did, the pressure level is likely below specification.

The source of low pressure is likely a leak in the system. To diagnose the issue, we employ several methods as necessary to determine the cause of the leak. These include visual, electronic and tracer dyes that can pinpoint the small leaks. Once the cause is found you will be given a full description of the necessary repair.


Refilling the refrigerant can be complex. Professional equipment is needed to properly monitor pressures to determine not only the proper level but component operation as well. Lubricant must also be added when necessary to keep the compressor operating properly in the future.

In Troy servicing your air conditioner is easy when you come in to Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Troy. We can safely service and maintain the system for you. Summer heat is here and a properly working A/C system that works to factory specifications will help you feel cool and comfortable as you drive.