Suburban salutes Clawson Farmers Market

Clawson, MI

At Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Troy, summer means heading outdoors and taking advantage of nature’s bounty. There’s no better place to do that than at Clawson Farmers Market. Just head south on I-75, and head to Clawson City Park at the corner of West Elmwood and North Custer avenues.

This seasonal open-air market features fresh fruits and vegetables —along with plenty of inspiration for your summer meals and barbecues. It’s open Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from July 14 through September 29 (Closed Labor Day weekend).

As you walk the park, you’ll find vendors from all around the Metro Detroit area. It’s the best time ever to patronize local Michigan farmers and area businesses. Here in Michigan, we know better than anyone else why buying USA is the best — and buying Michigan is even better!

Beyond all the yummy locally grown produce, keep your eyes open for McClure’s Pickles, breads, jams, honey, other organic products, gourmet coffees and even some crafts. If you’ve never been to a farmers market before, we’ve tracked down some tips on how to make the most of your farmers market shopping, such as:

  • Go early or go late. Early, you’ll have the most choices. Late, you’ll get the best bargains on whatever is left.
  • Bring bags. Vendors often have thin plastic bags, but if you bring your own, you’ll cut down on plastic pollution, and/or you’ll have a carry-all to make multiple purchases easier.
  • Bring $1 and $5 bills. Farmers market participants tend to be small vendors, not big corporations. Make life easier for everyone by carrying small bills and not asking them to break twenties or fifties, or even tens, if you’re not buying a lot.
  • Learn how to store, clean and cook what you buy. You can scour the Internet for ideas when you get home, but it’s best to ask the vendor while you’re buying.

Whether you get your produce from Clawson or another Michigan farmers market, it helps to know what to do with it once you get it home. You can head to Eating Well magazine for some terrific ideas.

Some Sundays, you’ll find live entertainment and kids’ activities at Clawson Farmers Market. You may be able to get advance information by checking out the Clawson Farmers Market Facebook page for interesting event and food details.

You can also peek at the City of Clawson Facebook page to see what else you can do while you’re in town. Before or after you hit Clawson, why not come in to Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Troy and take a look at a Chrysler Limited Convertible, a Dodge Dart, and Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ram Quad Cab or any of our amazing vehicles? They’re all roomy enough to bring home your farmers market bounty!

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