2012 Ram Truck

Troy 2012 Ram TruckIf you’ve been looking for a great new truck that will serve you well in Troy’s rush-hour traffic, provide a smooth ride along your favorite scenic back roads, and give you great mileage cruising along I-75, come into our Ram dealership and check out the 2012 Ram truck.

You can add “distinguished” to the list – the 2012 Ram was named North American truck of the year at the recent North American International Auto Show, and was honored as Four Wheeler Magazine’s “Pickup Truck of the Year.”

It’s difficult to please all the truck buyers out there, whose needs and expectations are wide-ranging and constantly changing in today’s world, but if its numerous honors are any indication, the Ram has done a pretty good job.

Weighing in at 8,020 pounds and powered by a Cummins diesel engine with 350 horsepower, the Ram still moves with agility, commented a Four Wheeler tester. With its shiny chrome bumpers and gleaming, 17-inch aluminum wheels, the new Ram is also quite a sight to see.

Ram Laramie Limited in TroyNot only that, but the Ram boasts 25 mpg, a level of economy not usually seen in vehicles of its class. It has an impressive eight-speed transmission with dash-mounted twist-dial control (usable with gloves) as well as a brand-new interior with many high-tech features available.

And it has a new, flexible air suspension you won’t find anywhere else, which can adjust ride height up and down and handle a wide range of weight loads with minimal wear and tear, but which also provides the feel of a modern luxury car.

Other great features include a new cooling system, electric power steering, and an electrical system whose high-tech, low-power solution puts much less stress on the alternator.

Competing against a number of other vehicles in a five-day, 100-mile test with seven judges, the Ram scored the highest in trail and highway performance, interior and exterior, and empirical data. With its promise of a smooth ride no matter the conditions, the Ram is a great choice either for work or recreational use.